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What if:

Instead of Dreading work every day, you looked forward to the people and tasks of the day? 

Instead of Boredom with the same tasks and problems every day, your day was full of novel problems that engaged your brain?

Instead of being Annoyed because you feel stuck in a role without any advancement opportunities, you were excited about the next 15 years of your career?

Instead of being Ambivalent about the rest of your career, you were clear on your path.

Let's get rid of the Dread, Boredom, and Annoyance you have with your career!  

Check our the  L.E.A.P program to make the rest of your career something to look forward to. 

"Vicki Landers is a captivating speaker. Her knack for engaging the audience makes the time fly by and left me wanting to hear more!"

Becky Hayes
Solution Designer | Home Care Development

Planning And Success Strategy

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Feel more confident in your abilities. Determine actionable steps and strategies to have the life you want. Discover a greater sense of purpose, a boost in your overall well-being, and a stronger drive to maximize your potential, personally and professionally.


Educate, Entertain, and Inspire.  Learn something that you can take and use immediately in your professional and personal life. Learn an empowering framework you can implement right away to increase the effectiveness of your organization.


Get your team working toward a shared purpose.  Energy affects attitude.  Let's quantify the attitude of your organization.  Practical and experiential activities to help individuals and teams learn and apply the concepts of energy leadership.


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Books that have changed my way of thinking about the world and how I inhabit it. I would love to engage in a dialog with you about any of them.  Let’s chat!

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