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Leadership is not a position, it’s a behavior.  How do your thoughts and emotions show up in your behavior?  I coach by helping you identify where you are, where you want to be and discovering and learning together how to remove what is blocking your way.  We leverage your own attitudes to improve leadership skills to move your team to greatness, whatever that is to you.

"Vicki Landers is a captivating speaker. Her knack for engaging the audience makes the time fly by and left me wanting to hear more!"

Becky Hayes
Solution Designer | Home Care Development

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I am in your corner helping you be the leader you want to be.  We can work together to give you the space to think, the space to talk and the space to plan. Together, we can empower you to transform your life. 


Education, entertainment and inspiration.  Invite me into your organization to help raise the awareness of your emerging healthcare leaders about how they show up as a leader.


Energy Leadership Index assessments and debriefs to help your team recognize how everyone shows up.  Practical and experiential activities to help individuals and teams learn and apply the concepts of energy leadership.


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  • Individual Confidential Sessions
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Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.)

  • Attitudinal Assessment Tool
  • Insight on your Personal Presence
  • Valid and Reliable


  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Training
  • Energy Leadership Development Training™ COMING SOON

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Books that have changed my way of thinking about the world and how I inhabit it. I would love to engage in a dialog with you about any of them.  Let’s chat!

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