About In Progress Coaching

Vicki Landers PT DPT ACC passionately believes that everyone has the ability within them to lead, it only needs to be exposed by receiving the right support and encouragement.

In 2019, after 25+ years as a Physical therapist in clinical and leadership roles, she was frustrated by fragmented and limited leadership educational opportunities for herself and her peers.  She has seen many promising new leaders promoted to supervisor and director leadership positions who were left to flounder and figure it out on their own.  This is incredibly stressful and leads to overwhelm, burnout and general life dissatisfaction.

This prompted Vicki to learn and understand more about human behavior, leadership, motivation, and change management.  She started her personal leadership journey with an interest in influencing behavior change and work satisfaction in the ever-changing demands of the US health care system, and that fascination and study persists to this day. 

Her journey led to studying Energy Leadershiptm  from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and launching her coaching practice. She believe healthcare exists to provide care to people.  Success starts with leadership and a shared vision and purpose inside an organization.  When you better understand what motivates you, you can be a more compassionate and successful leader.  When we learn how to listen to each other without judgment and seek to understand vs. respond we do a better job of solving problems together.   

Do you:

… believe that healthcare is about taking care of patients and want to do and be better for your team and the patients you serve?

… want to understand how to help your staff be successful but aren’t sure how to be a better leader because you have not had the opportunity to develop your own leadership skills?

…want to work with your peers and create solutions and lead and participate in in more effective meetings? 

Maybe you have felt:

…Anxiety when you must talk to an employee about job performance?

…Powerless to get your staff to buy in to new ideas?

…Inadequate when trying to articulate your point to your leadership

You are not alone.  These feelings are common, and understandable when you find yourself in new situations without adequate training and support. 

It's why Vicki’s passion is working with emerging leaders like you who want to develop their leadership skills so that they are confident and excited about their ability to improve team performance and patient outcomes.

Book a free introductory session today! and start the path to become the leader that you want to be.