About Me

"My life is an unfinished puzzle. I am still putting the pieces together and love the process of finding which ones fit and which ones don’t. I was born in 1970 and grew up in Columbia, Missouri (affectionately known to me as the “Center of the Universe”.) I attended the University of Missouri where I received my Bachelor of Health Science – Physical Therapy. I knew that Columbia was a great place to grow up, great place to go to college and a great place to settle down and raise a family, but I did not think all three. I’d done two, so it was time for me to go! I left to have adventures in Colorado as a Physical Therapist in Pueblo. There I met my now former husband and stayed for just under three years. We moved to the middle of nowhere California, Trinity County to be precise. There I gained an appreciation for the resilience of people and a new perspective on life. It was there I realized not everyone has the same path as me.  It took me awhile to finally realize that’s not only ok, but it is to be celebrated. 

We moved back to Kansas City MO in 2003 and I received my Doctorate in Physical therapy in 2007 from Boston University. I practiced PT in Home Health and joined the North Kansas City Hospital Home Health (NKCH HH) leadership team in 2006. In 2010 I transitioned to the Application Analyst position – Yep, software! Supporting the same staff at NKCH HH just in a different capacity, staying on the Leadership team. 

Here's the good stuff:  In 2019 I was having a conversation with a friend, about what she was doing and her next steps with her career when she said “you should become a coach – you are good at this”.  “huh?” I thought. And that moment has change the trajectory of my life. Within 4 weeks I had investigated and selected iPEC as my coaching program and have not looked back. 

I am a CPC (certified professional coach), an ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner) and a COR.E Dynamics Specialist.

I live in Kansas City (GO CHIEFS!) and love to travel around the globe - when we are not having a pandemic. I get the biggest buzz form helping others reach their dreams and find joy in everyday life.

My puzzle is not finished, let’s help you put yours together too!


Grateful is a habit that serves me well.

Shipwreck Beach, Kauai Hawaii
Shipwreck Beach, Kauai Hawaii