Creative Care for the Clinician

Creative Care for the Clinician

Life as a health care clinician is hard right.

Are you feeling like you are at the mercy of the world and you no longer have any control?

Are you showing up to interactions with patients distracted, unfocused?

Do you have an underlying sense of anger and frustration?  

What would it be like to:

Reconnect with why you because a health care clinician?

Work with a patient and feel you are focused on them and not your phone or the computer or the next patient?

Know you are giving the patient the best care possible?  

Get yourself in the place where you can put the patient back at the front of patient care.

Join us in the Creative Care for the Clinician Workshop

This workshop is for direct patient care providers of any discipline, to discover what is influencing you to make you not show up at your best and help to move you back to a place of satisfaction with your role.

At the end you will:

Know what distracts and frustrates you and gets in the way of great patient care. 

Have specific ideas individualized for you to manage those influencers.

How we do this:

6 group live online sessions with only 5 participants

1 hour individual coaching session

Seats are limited in each series to enhance the experience for participants


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