Have you ever wondered about the energy people bring to a room?

Imagine the last meeting you were a part of….

Were there people in the room who complained? Blamed everyone including themselves for the problems.  Were they focused on what was wrong and why.  Were they people who could not see or hope that anything could ever be better or different? (Level 1)

Were there people in the room that want to argue, lash out at everyone else and argue about why it was not their fault, but it sure was someone else’s fault.  People who knew how to fix “it”, and it was going to be done their way, no doubt about it, no matter what anyone else in the room thought. (Level 2)

Were there people in the room that said, “I know this is bad, but it’s what we have, so lets try to figure it out.  At least we will get something done in this meeting”? (Level 3)

Were their people in the room that were concerned with how everyone felt about the situation and wanted to be sure that everyone’s voice was heard? (Level 4)

Were there people in the room that keep saying, "what can we learn from this problem?"  Is it really a problem, or an opportunity to do something different that makes us a better organization? (Level 5)

Were there people in the room that saw the bigger picture, that each of the people in the room had ideas to contribute and that these problems were all part of something that could propel the organization into the future. (Level 6)

Were there people in the room that listened and observed and communicated the vision of what the group was gathered together to accomplish.  They did not judge anyone’s thoughts or ideas in the room and accepted the situation for what it was. (Level 7)

Which one of these energy levels describes YOU on a good day?  How about on a day you are having stress?

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment is the proprietary, research-backed assessment tool, created by iPEC, that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world, and turns it into something tangible—a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future.

You’ve probably taken personality tests, like Myers Briggs, DiSC, and Enneagram, but this is different. And transformational.

The ELI is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how an individual currently perceives and approaches work and life. (1-7) This means that you learn to make change happen in real-time when you encounter a moment of self-doubt, fear, or frustration.

With the awareness and insights gained through the Energy Leadership Index debrief, you have the opportunity to reshape your attitudes and worldview and transform your life into the one you envision.

Learn more here: https://www.ipeccoaching.com/energy-leadership-index

Because, leadership is not a position.  It's a behavior.

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