Individual Coaching – Careers

Are you ready to take the next step to make the rest of your career fulfilling and fun? 

Its time for you to L.E.A.P!

Design the second half of your career so that your life continues to have purpose and balance.

L earn about how you got here in your career: 

Before we can determine where you want to go next, we need to look at what got you to this place in your career. Are you finding the job that was once challenging and fun has become boring, and you are missing a sense of excitement?  We will discover how you arrived at this place in your career, what has worked for you to get to this point, and why you made the choices you have made thus far.  The result? You'll understand more about yourself and your path thus far.

E xplore what you want out of the rest of your career: 

What are the things that happen every day that drain your energy and what gets you excited? Maybe you love helping staff research the best treatment for patients but hate doing staff scheduling.  We will take an honest look at what is working for you and what isn’t.  By applying a personalized assessment you’ll discover how you see the world and what you value, what’s really important to you.  We do this step now so you’ll have a basis for decision-making going forward. 

A dopt a new path:

In this step we’ll identify the changes you need to make to add more activities that light you up while eliminating activities that drain you.  Imagine starting your day getting ready to lead a team to solve problems for patients, instead of creating a budget and butting heads with the bureaucrats. We will determine exactly what you want the rest of your career to look like and how you are going to achieve it! As part of this work we will look at your mindset, environment, and current job responsibilities.  Doing this step now means you’ll know what you need to do to bring your career into alignment with your goals for the years ahead.

P ropel yourself forward:

We will develop a realistic, actionable plan to keep you on track and moving consistently forward toward the career you want at this point in your life. As part of the planning process, we’ll also explore any challenges you might be having with confidence or concerns about time and education requirements and brainstorm strategies you can put in place to overcome them. You will pick the steps you to pick the steps you need to wake up every morning knowing you have a career that brings your life the purpose and balance you desire.

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