Individual Coaching – Leadership

Everyone is a Leader - you included

Let's get you out of your head, make a plan and take action to make you a satisfied and stellar leader in your organization!

Imagine the fun you and I will have on the following L.E.A.D. journey!

Learn your beliefs about good leadership:

Before you can become an effective leader, it’s important for you to know what it will look like when you get there.  We will uncover your vision of great leadership and define those traits.  We develop your description of what exceptional leadership does, says, and how it makes people feel. 

Explore your leadership style: 

Let’s look at you as a leader!  Do you send short to the point emails – and lots of them? Do you hide from potential conflict behind a closed door? Do you listen carefully before responding?  Using the Energy Leadership Indextm as a baseline, we will look at your current state of leadership including your beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and actions.  You will Identify your current leadership style and compare it to ideal the leadership you have defined.  We now have a gap to fill in!  

Act on the gap:

Now that we see clearly see the gap, together we can start to fill it in.  Do you need help implementing change effectively?  Do you need to learn how to speak more effectively?  Do you need to learn how to craft more engaging emails?  We identify opportunities and barriers to becoming the leader you want to be.  In this step we develop short and long-term objective goals for your development and initiate action. 

Deliver your future:

Once you know where you are, where you are headed and how you are going to get there, we develop a plan to keep the momentum going and ways to continue your progress.  We explore barriers, like perceived lack of time, limited feedback from your own leadership, lack of confidence, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles that may get in your way.  

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