One-to-One Coaching

Each of us is a work, In Progress. 

Health care workers are good at caring for others.  Really really good.  You are nodding as your read this.  You CARE about the patients.  You may have moved out of being a direct care provider because you know you can make a bigger difference for the patients by leading direct care givers.  You know you are going to find a way to make the rules and regulations easier to deal with.  You want to be part of the health care burn-out solution.  And sometimes, this work is different and more challenging than you expected.  Right now, you need to figure out how to manage the competing priorities, your values, the regulations, the human resource challenges, and yes, your concern that you just aren’t enough for all that you want to do. 

What does coaching have to offer you, right now, this very moment? 

Coaching is a process that helps you move from functional, i.e. you show up every day, to optimal i.e. you show up EXCITED every day.  I use my unique style and a process called Energy Leadership Coaching to work with you move you toward where you want to be as a leader in healthcare.  Your goals, your timeline.  It’s my job to ask you questions to help you get clarity about what is going on in your mind, around your specific challenges.  I don’t give advice, I listen for what is being said, and what is not being said.  I ask questions you may never to have thought to ask yourself.  Empowering, thought provoking questions. 

Hiring a coach provides you time and space to sort out your own thoughts and remove the blocks on your road to be the leader you want to be.  Without external accountability it can be difficult to dedicate this time for yourself, or to know what is going to be the most best use of that time to get you “unstuck”.  Maybe you don’t trust that you will figure out the answers, you don’t know how to think about the problem you are have or you fear the answers that you might find.  Coaching is the safe space to explore your own ideas, discover your solutions, and learn about how and why you make the decisions you make.  A coach gives you that space without judgement.

You have all your answers, and our job together is to help you uncover them. 

We are all works In Progress. 

I can’t wait to be a part In your Progress.  

Two diverse serious businesswomen talking working together in office