Invite me into your organization.  To Entertain. To Educate. To Inspire.  Each and every speech.  Each and every time.

Entertain – Engage the audience to look at and laugh at the world and themselves.

Educate– Teach them something new and look at old concepts in a new way. 

Inspire - Call to action.  Stimulate my audience to act in a new way to change their corner of the world,

My goal is always same, help people leave the room thinking differently than when they walked in because everything starts with the actions of one.

My presentations on Energy leadership introduces a concept that can result in sustainable change by leveraging the skills of coaching.  It starts with increasing awareness, one person at a time.

I can do in person, zoom, WebEx, whatever platform works for you organization. 

Let’s delve into the concepts of the Energy of Leadership.  How knowing where you are empowers you to be the best self you can be.  It all starts with definitions of the levels of energy.  We dig deeper into the concept behind each level with real life examples of each. 

Level 1 – Victim, Apathy, lethargy

Level 2 – Conflict, Anger, Defiance

Level 3 – Responsibility, Forgiveness, Cooperation

Level 4 – Concern, Compassion, Service

Level 5 – Reconciliation, peace, Acceptance

Level 6 – Synthesis, Joy Wisdom

Level 7 – Non-Judgment, Absolute passion, Creation

How you show up, results in the outcome of your actions.  Learn how to recognize and shift to a different energy level. 

All talks are customized to your environment and audience.  I have worked with front line staff, managers, and leaders. 

I have a long history of public speaking and get energized each time I get to share with an audience.  I would be honored to do a presentation for you.

Contact me today to schedule. I can’t wait to inspire your team!

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