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Leading Age - Missouri (Fall 2024)

Health Connect Partners - Keynote

Tennessee Association for Homecare - Keynote

California Association for Care at Home - Keynote

Leading Age - Kansas

Keynote - Missouri PTA - Keynote

Keynote - Kansas APTA - Keynote

Federal Bureau of Prisons 

Virginia Association of Homecare and Hospice - Keynote Virtual

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Kansas City Regional Home Care Association

Missouri Homecare Association - Keynote

Missouri Physical Therapy Association

Kansas City Health Information Management Association (KCHIMA)

Pony Express Missouri Health Information Management Association (PEHIMA)


How you Show Up Matters (Keynote)

Energy of Leadership

Stress and Resilience - what influences you?

Leading Organizations to the Rainbow: What’s your role as a leader?

Home post COVID, what’s in the research for the patient at home?        

Leadership at any Level – How you make an impact

Helping Patients Help Themselves

Energy and What it means to you

Chronic Disease and Exercise

Motivational Interviewing for Home Health

Functional Tests and Measures for Home Health

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