Distraction Discovery

Is Your Stress at a Level of 10?

Do you go home from work every day feeling like you didn’t get anything done because the distractions overwhelm your ability to focus on meaningful activity? 

Do you start your workday with so much to do that you can’t pick your next task?

Have you ever sat in your office close to tears, frustrated and discouraged because all your time is spent managing “stuff” that doesn’t feel like it makes a difference to the patients?

If this, is you, it’s time to develop your Distraction Diversion Muscles! 

You will no longer spend your evenings discouraged and wondering where your time went and looking to find a better way to effectively manage your time and lead your team.

You will learn what distracts you daily:  (Email?  Phone calls?  Uncomfortable Chair?  The noise in the office next door?  The cold room? Unclear expectations from managers above you?)  and how to manage it to improve your own productivity and performance all in under an hour!

How it works: When you book your session, you will receive the “Six Stress Influencers” and then have a 45-minute zoom call with me!

At the end of 45 minutes, you will:

  1. Know your #1 distraction at work.
  2. Recognize when that distraction gets in the way of your leadership goals.  
  3. Have a realistic and personalized plan to manage that distraction TODAY so you can do your best work. (It will be simple I promise!)

The Distraction Discovery Call is $99, but the number of sessions available is limited – sign up today!