Team Energy Development

What's the energy of your team?

Teams need to be on the same page:

Are you feeling like your team can't communicate effectively?

Are they showing up distracted and unfocused?

Do you have an underlying sense of anger and frustration?  

What would it be like to:

Have effective communication - where everyone understands the work to be done?

Work with staff who are focused on problem-solving and collaboration? 

Know you are giving your clients the best service possible?  

Get your team in a place where you can work together effortlessly.

Schedule a Team Energy Awareness Workshop

This workshop is for teams of up to 12 people, to discover what is influencing your productivity and help everyone show up at their best and get your organization doing what it's meant to do! 

At the end you will:

Know what each team member's energy default is on a good day and under stress

Learn what creates stress for each member

Have a specific organization individualized plan to manage those stressors.

How we do this:

3 group live sessions

1 Energy Leadership index assessment per participant with debrief

Purpose:  Increase awareness of the energy of leadership by individuals on the team to improve team performance.

Schedule a 30-minute call to learn more and get your team's energy aligned!

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