Team Workshops


Leaders, managers, staff.

Regulations, personalities, technology. 

Stress, fear, frustration.  Let us find a better way for your team to get where you want to go. 

Everyone shows up with their own energy level.  That effects everyone else on the team and your organization’s ability to provide your services that you desire, effectively and efficiently.

How does your team show up?    

Is there listening, cooperation, arguments? 

Do things get done, but no one is happy? 

Is there a lot of time spent going around in circles?  

Is there always a meeting after the meetings? 

Is anyone engaged and participatory? 

When the meeting is over is everyone truly on the same page? 

Are you functioning at a high level, but are striving for even more?  

Take the ELI 360TM be debriefed as a team and explore the concepts behind the energy of leadership.  Working together we will identify how the lens by which you individually see the work influences how the work is done.  Leadership is not a position or a title, it is behavior.  Each person in a team leads or follows the others in the team.  Uncover who is leading your team, and where you are going.    

Learn about the energy levels of leadership:  Level 1 (apathy) through Level 7 (absolute passion).  Uncover how those levels, and how everyone’s specific mix shows up on a good day and under stress.  Discover how this plays out in your interactions and leverage this knowledge to move forward intentionally and take your healthcare team to the next level of performance.   We will explore the group energy of your team and use that increased awareness to improve your team, no matter your goals.

Workshops are tailed to your specific healthcare organizations challenges and available time, from 2 -8 sessions depending on your goals and budget.  Achieve team, staff and patient satisfaction by improving the energy in the room.  It is not easy work, but it is worth it.

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